"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

~Robert Frost

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Celebrating Great Things!

I am so excited this year to take part in GreaThings for the first time! Last year around mid-November I became vaguely aware that several of my friends seemed to be participating in some form of organized gratitude blogging. I read and enjoyed a couple of their posts, and had brief thoughts of pursuing it further to discover what exactly they were doing and how I could join in. But since "vaguely aware" and "brief thoughts" do not sound very indicative of decisive action, you probably won't be surprised to hear that it came to nothing more than that for me last year.

This year I was so delighted to discover that GreaThings is hosted by my lovely blogging friend Chantel, on her blog, Beautiful Song, and so the info to get involved was actually super easy for me to find. A quote from her intro post this year: "For the two weeks preceding American Thanksgiving day, a small group of friends join together to take a look over the year that has just passed and thank God for some of the blessings -- the "great things" -- that He has done and is doing in each one of our lives. It is a perfect opportunity to put life into the perspective of gratitude, and to identify our blessings...even the ones that looked like raindrops."

So basically, starting tomorrow we're aiming for a daily post focusing on thankfulness. There's an optional schedule of post topics provided, for anyone who needs a little help with inspiration (or sleep deprived moms who are struggling to put two sentences together these days and still remember what they're talking about by the end of the second sentence...oh, that's just me?), so I may start out with that and see if I come up with ideas of my own as I go. Oh, and there's this whole idea of a landing page and link-ups, which still overwhelms me a little bit even though I've been pretending to have a very basic level of tech-savvy in the blogging world for quite a while now. I'm just going to act like I know exactly what I'm doing!

I'm so excited to take the next two weeks to be really deliberate about remembering how God has worked in my life over the last year -- the endless blessings and joys, the hard times in which He never left me alone, and the beautiful love that surrounds me every moment of every day, sometimes filling my heart too much for words. I need this! And I so look forward to seeing where this journey takes everyone else who is going to celebrate Great Things this month!

My GreaThings 2012
Day 1: Memories and moments....
Day 2: R is for romance
Day 3: Special Scriptures
Day 4: E is for energy
Day 5: There can be miracles when you believe!
Day 6: More than words...
Day 7: T is for travel

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  1. So, this is a perfect landing page. Just so you know. ;) It sounds all techy, but it is simple. Just a place to add your links to as you go! So glad you are joining in! <3