"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

~Robert Frost

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best of Facebook 2012, Part 2

July - December
Bethany, climbing up on the seat beside me: "I'm going to hang out with you for a while." Me: "How about if you hang out with me forever?" Bethany: "No, Mummy, that's not what children do. They just hang out with their parents for a while." *sob*
As I listened to the traditional complaining from Ashley this morning over having her hair combed after her shower, I finally told her that if she keeps it up, I'm just going to cut it all off short and be done with it. A moment's pause, then she began chanting, "I love showers! I love combing! I love showers! I love combing!"
Ashley, praying before lunch: "Thank you for the sunshine today, and that we got to go to Target...and I'm sorry that I just burped, and let's pretend that I didn't...and thank you for this food...."
The girls were building a plane in the livingroom. I was informed that it was a REAL plane, and would REALLY fly. Sadly, we eventually ran out of rubber bands, and as everyone knows, you cannot build a REAL plane without sufficient rubber bands. So the plane became a zoo (because zoos apparently don't require as many rubber bands), and now Bethany is supervising her sisters' zoo construction and throwing out encouraging comments. "I have a good feeling about this!" "This is quite impressive!" And my favorite -- "We can do this, gentlemen!"
Ashley's advice for young ladies: "If you stomp, stomp, STOMP all over the house, then you sound like a stomping bear. And you're not a bear, you're a girl, so you shouldn't be stomping." I like it!
Bethany, looking up from lego play: "Hey, where's Daddy?"
Hannah: "He's at work."
Bethany: "No, I think he's at a party."
Hannah: "No he's not! He's at work!"
Bethany: "Party, infinity!"
Hannah, singing a made-up song to Katelyn: "Oh little baby Katelyn, I've fallen in love with you, I love you like a son...."
Ashley's holding Katelyn, and I look over to see her wiping away tears. "Oh Ashley, what's wrong?!" And she tells me, "I was just looking at her and thinking about how much I love having a baby sister, and she opened her eyes and looked at me, and it just brought me tears of joy!"
Irritated that Bethany spilled her milk all over the table, I told her, "You need to pay attention to what you're doing!" Her cheerful reply: "Well, that's why God gave us towels, so we can clean up if we forget to pay attention!"
Hannah, sounding absolutely amazed: "I just realized that we get to stay alive until we die!"
Ashley: "Hey Hannah, I just made a surprise for you, but you can't look at it yet."
Hannah: "When can I look at it?"
Ashley: "You can't know that yet either!"
Hannah: "That's mean!" *short pause* "I'm going to make a surprise for YOU, and you can't look at it yet either, and I'm not telling you when you can look at it."
Ashley: "You're copying what I just said to you!"
Hannah: "Yes. It's called a cruel irony."

Ashley is excitedly deciding what she wants to take to an upcoming food drive: "I think we should take 12 muffins, and 7 eggs, and two dozen sandwiches!"

Bethany: "There's really nothing for me to do, except play." Ah, the tough, tough life of a three year old!

Hannah: "I only want to have one child when I grow up, because if I had more than one then they would eat all my ice cream!"

Bethany just brought me a play cup with a straw in it and said, "I made you some coffee to help you feel better!" I smiled at her and tried to hand the cup back to her, saying, "Thank you, that was sweet of you!" She put out her hand to stop me and said very seriously, "Mummy. You really need to drink the coffee."

Bethany: "Speaking of zebras, I really wish one would give me a kiss!" Um. We were not speaking of zebras.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Best of Facebook 2012, Part 1

I use this blog mainly to help me remember all these precious stages of life that we are zipping through too quickly. I just don't have the memory space in my caffeine-deprived brain to hold on to all of this as it happens, and it is such a joy to read back through the blog and revisit times and experiences we've had together, things the girls have said/done as they've grown, and all the memories that would otherwise be lost. However, frequently one of the girls will say something, I'll think, "Oh, I need to write that down!", and the fastest and easiest option is to just post it to Facebook. I've been realizing how much less permanent that is than the blog, so I've decided to scan through the last year's worth of my Facebook status updates, and bring over here my favorites of the sweet or funny antics of the girls that I want to make sure I have recorded for good. So here we go -- Part 1!

January-June, 2012
Hannah just prayed, "God, please help everyone to know that You are there, so that they don't have to be afraid of life."
Lamont just told Bethany that his coffee has a restraining order against her! *laughing hysterically*
Bethany: "I'm getting big and growing so much, so I'm changing into a mama!"
From Bethany along with her tight goodnight hug: "Do you know why God made you? I do. So that you could be my special Mummy."
The wind is picking up and I hear Ashley whispering to her sisters, "We better watch out, because I think our house is going to blow away in a potato!" *long confused pause* "I mean, we're going to blow away in an alfredo!" *even longer pause* "Hey Mummy, what's it called when the wind goes in a circle and it can pick up a house??"
Just out of curiousity, if your three year old tells you that you are a duckling...is that a good thing?
From Hannah's sunshiny face this morning: "Mummy, happiness that lasts is called JOY!"
Note to self: telling Hannah to just ignore her sisters' attempts to distract her from the job I've given her results in her loudly proclaiming, "Hey guys, I'm ignoring you! Just so you know, I'm ignoring you! Ok? I'm just ignoring you!"
Hannah: "I really need to get a job and start making some money!" Me, startled: "Oh really? Why do you need money?" Hannah: "So that I can give it to kids who don't have enough food, of course." *heart...melting...*
Bethany: "Can we please have cookies for breakfast?" Me: "Nice try, sweetie, but--" Bethany, quickly: "Why don't you just think about it for a while, Mummy!"
Our littlest baby girl kicked her daddy's hand for the first time tonight for his birthday - yay!
Bethany: "Mummy, I'm going to grow up and be a mom with kids, but if you want I can still be your little girl, too!" Oh, yes please.
Hannah just came out of the playroom for a drink of water and I asked her what she and her sisters are doing in there. The eyes start shifting back and forth and she says politely, "Um...I don't think you...really need to know that right now, Mummy...."
Hannah, with a fierce goodnight hug, "I'm so glad you're not a vegetable or a llama!"
From a very indignant Bethany: "Mummy, Ashley is being SO mean to me. She's treating me like a carrot!"

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


REJOICE! Christ, our saviour, is born!
Merry Christmas, and a very joy-filled New Year, from our family to yours!
May the love of God overwhelm you this coming year.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Check it out, Mary!

The girls have beautiful advent calendars this year, with pictures of the nativity on the front, and small pictures with verses behind each door. And there's glitter! They're exactly like the calendars I remember from my childhood (let's pause a moment for my happy, happy memories...ahhh). There's something really good for the soul about continuing happy traditions from my childhood with my own daughters!

Anyway, today's verse is Luke 1:31, "Behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall name him Jesus." I always explain the verses to the girls, but this morning Hannah beat me to it, and I heard her give this explanation to Bethany....

"It's like the angel was saying, 'Hey, check this out, Mary! You're going to have a baby growing in your tummy!' And I don't know why he said womb, but he should have said tummy. And then he said, 'You have to call your baby Jesus,' so if Mary didn't call him Jesus, like if she called him Boysa or something, then she wouldn't be doing what the angel said. And if we don't do what angels say, then we aren't obeying God, because God tells the angels what to say."

I kind of want Hannah to explain the whole Bible to me now!

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Alligator Book

This morning Ashley very proudly finished her very first book, both written and illustrated by her! She's been working on it for a week and a half, and though at one point she told me that she planned to "keep writing more and more of my book until I'm 12 years old!", she decided this morning that the story had come to an end. 

Let me tell you, folks, this story has it all. Drama! Intrigue! Life and death conflict! Buckle your seat belts, because I'm about to share it with you. :)

It says, "Ashley (self portrait of Ashley!): The Alligator Book"

Once upon a time there was an alligator that loved to eat and eat. 

The alligator saw the monkey and wanted it. The alligator tried to eat the monkey but the monkey swung.

The alligator saw the frog and wanted it but the frog just ribbited and the alligator gave up.

The alligator wanted it (the bee) but the bee flew away. The alligator tried to eat the butterfly but the butterfly flew away.

The alligator saw the horse and wanted it. But the horse ran away. Then the alligator saw pizza on the ground. Then he was happy.

The end.
See??? That was a pretty intense plot! I bet you were worried about which poor animal was going to end up being lunch for the hungry alligator, weren't you??

The alligator's facial expressions absolutely crack me up. I love that you can tell he's getting more and more hungry and frustrated, and his giant grin as he looks at the pizza at the end is perfect!

Ashley now says that rather than working on this one story until she's 12, she will just continue writing other books until she turns 12, at which point she will open a bookstore and sell all her books for $10 each. :)