"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

~Robert Frost

Friday, May 14, 2010

"When I Was a Teenager...."

Last night at rehearsal for Northwoods' spring show, in the middle of a whispered conversation with the lady beside me, one quick sentence at a time while the director had his back turned (yes, I am a very cooperative and respectful person, why do you ask?), I received a compliment I thought was locked away in the past for good. We were discussing a man whose name had been mentioned, and as my partner-in-crime tried to ascertain his identity, she asked, "Isn't he an older man?" Innocently I answered, "No, I think he's only in his 50's." And she turned to me in some surprise and said,

"Doesn't that seem old to you? When I was a teenager, I thought anything over 40 was old!"

Did you catch that??? I went ahead and italicized it for you so you wouldn't miss it! This mother of three who is a good handful of years past her teens (how many years can fit into a handful? a lot, right?) was mistaken for a teenager last night!! :-D It made my night, and it's kinda making my day today too....

But now I need to know, how evil am I for not correcting her??


  1. Haha...somehow I'm "forever young" too. Just two weeks ago, a gal looked at me in disbelief. "WHAT?! You have kids? You're not old enough to have kids! You barely look 16!" This all coming from a woman in her 30s. I say maybe having kids young has kept us both looking rather youthful :)


  2. You're nowhere near old Jennifer...I don't know why your fretting it. You're right around my age, right? I just turned 23 in April and I still get carded, and have been told numerous times that someone thought I was 18 or 19, or just under 21. I guess I'm not to the point where I consider it a compliment...I'm actually kinda annoyed/slightly offended by it. Lol. Strange huh? I wonder what age is the turning point? Or if rather an event (perhaps getting married or having kids) causes you to believe that people perceive you as older than you really are?
    Either way...you look great! One hot mama! ;~)