"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

~Robert Frost

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I scared a teenage boy today....

I chuckled as I drove away from Starbucks today, the stricken look on that nice young man's face etched into my memory to share with you all later....

All he had done was ask, "So what are you up to today?" And when I told him that my girls and I had just come from their dance studio, where today was picture day for both their classes, this pleasant, maybe 17 year old boy followed up innocently with, "Oh, so was that fun?" As I laughed and began to describe the sparkly, multilayered outfits, the hours with the curling iron, the makeup, the ruffles, the feathers, the giggles, and SO MUCH GLITTER...his eyes got wider and wider, and this slightly panicked look began to creep over his face.

Valiantly trying to maintain the friendly Starbucks barista persona, he fumbled over how to continue the conversation and finally blurted out, "So, uh...how long does that take, with all the prep and then the pictures themselves?"

As I reflected on how early we'd started that morning, with showers and curling irons, I answered, "About four hours," and he audibly gulped. He handed over my drink and stared at me speechlessly. Taking pity on him, I added, "You know, you'll probably never have to do that!" He nodded, still wide eyed, and stammered, "Have a...nice...day...."

Poor guy! It really was a long morning, though. Ashley's beautiful thick hair alone took over an hour to curl in the hairstyle her class is wearing -- literally, over an hour! All three girls were fantastic little sports about it, Ashley and Hannah in being treated like rag dolls as I dressed, curled, and sparkled them, and Bethany in patiently watching and waiting.

It'll be a few weeks before we get the professional pictures back from the studio, but I do have a cute picture to post anyway; here are my silly girls blowing off steam once we got home from our full morning! :)


  1. Oh, this made me giggle! :D I can just imagine his face....

  2. Okay, I admit. It makes me feel a little panic-stricken too!! :)