"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

~Robert Frost

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best of Facebook 2012, Part 2

July - December
Bethany, climbing up on the seat beside me: "I'm going to hang out with you for a while." Me: "How about if you hang out with me forever?" Bethany: "No, Mummy, that's not what children do. They just hang out with their parents for a while." *sob*
As I listened to the traditional complaining from Ashley this morning over having her hair combed after her shower, I finally told her that if she keeps it up, I'm just going to cut it all off short and be done with it. A moment's pause, then she began chanting, "I love showers! I love combing! I love showers! I love combing!"
Ashley, praying before lunch: "Thank you for the sunshine today, and that we got to go to Target...and I'm sorry that I just burped, and let's pretend that I didn't...and thank you for this food...."
The girls were building a plane in the livingroom. I was informed that it was a REAL plane, and would REALLY fly. Sadly, we eventually ran out of rubber bands, and as everyone knows, you cannot build a REAL plane without sufficient rubber bands. So the plane became a zoo (because zoos apparently don't require as many rubber bands), and now Bethany is supervising her sisters' zoo construction and throwing out encouraging comments. "I have a good feeling about this!" "This is quite impressive!" And my favorite -- "We can do this, gentlemen!"
Ashley's advice for young ladies: "If you stomp, stomp, STOMP all over the house, then you sound like a stomping bear. And you're not a bear, you're a girl, so you shouldn't be stomping." I like it!
Bethany, looking up from lego play: "Hey, where's Daddy?"
Hannah: "He's at work."
Bethany: "No, I think he's at a party."
Hannah: "No he's not! He's at work!"
Bethany: "Party, infinity!"
Hannah, singing a made-up song to Katelyn: "Oh little baby Katelyn, I've fallen in love with you, I love you like a son...."
Ashley's holding Katelyn, and I look over to see her wiping away tears. "Oh Ashley, what's wrong?!" And she tells me, "I was just looking at her and thinking about how much I love having a baby sister, and she opened her eyes and looked at me, and it just brought me tears of joy!"
Irritated that Bethany spilled her milk all over the table, I told her, "You need to pay attention to what you're doing!" Her cheerful reply: "Well, that's why God gave us towels, so we can clean up if we forget to pay attention!"
Hannah, sounding absolutely amazed: "I just realized that we get to stay alive until we die!"
Ashley: "Hey Hannah, I just made a surprise for you, but you can't look at it yet."
Hannah: "When can I look at it?"
Ashley: "You can't know that yet either!"
Hannah: "That's mean!" *short pause* "I'm going to make a surprise for YOU, and you can't look at it yet either, and I'm not telling you when you can look at it."
Ashley: "You're copying what I just said to you!"
Hannah: "Yes. It's called a cruel irony."

Ashley is excitedly deciding what she wants to take to an upcoming food drive: "I think we should take 12 muffins, and 7 eggs, and two dozen sandwiches!"

Bethany: "There's really nothing for me to do, except play." Ah, the tough, tough life of a three year old!

Hannah: "I only want to have one child when I grow up, because if I had more than one then they would eat all my ice cream!"

Bethany just brought me a play cup with a straw in it and said, "I made you some coffee to help you feel better!" I smiled at her and tried to hand the cup back to her, saying, "Thank you, that was sweet of you!" She put out her hand to stop me and said very seriously, "Mummy. You really need to drink the coffee."

Bethany: "Speaking of zebras, I really wish one would give me a kiss!" Um. We were not speaking of zebras.

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