"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

~Robert Frost

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

On dating when my husband is out of town...

I got to take my sweet Ashley on a date today! A little lunch, a little shopping, a little reading in the coffee shop, and a whole lot of talking and laughing and thinking "When did my baby girl get to be such great company?!" I really like her, which is pretty awesome because as bad as this sounds, I used to wonder if I would actually like my kids as well as loving them. (For the record, I like all three of them, not just Ashley...and suddenly this tangent is getting really cumbersome!)

It was a special and all-too-rare several hours together. My time with the girls is rarely 100% focused, one-on-one time, and when we do get a time like that I am always blown away by how incredible these little people are. What an amazing privilege it is to have them as my daughters....

Some sound bites from Ashley today:

"If I had a restaurant, I wouldn't make girls have french fries with their hot dogs, because it's better to have grapes with hot dogs and that's what I would give them."

"Mummy, you are the prettiest girl in the whole world! And Daddy is the most handsome man in the whole world. (long pause) And so can you even imagine how beautiful I must be?!" (I'm loving the confidence, but thinking we might need to work on humility!)

"I know those toys cost a lot of money (window shopping), but maybe if we go and ask nicely and make sure to say please, the people in the store will be so happy and then they will just give the toys to us!"

(Discussing 'Beauty and the Beast') "You know how the Beast was so ugly, and he would die if Belle didn't love him? She did love him even though he was ugly, and that's why he learned how to love her, and then he changed and wasn't ugly anymore and they were really happy. And that's just like what God does, isn't it?"

And finally...disgruntled after I told her that no, she couldn't scoop up those lovely dollar bills sitting on the table next to us because they were a tip left for the waitress, she muttered,

"I don't know why she needs to have a tip -- I clear my own place after I eat and I don't get a tip, and I'm just a little girl!"


  1. I love this post! Ashley is adorable, as area all your girls! I read this out loud to Keith and he thought it was all too cute and that you must be making it up. :) She really is the cutest little thing!

  2. Aww, thank you both! Her amazing little mind works so quickly that I feel I'm always just trying to keep up with her -- what a joy. :-)

  3. lol thats hilarious! I love the one about the tip thing. :)

  4. your kids say the funniest things! i can't believe how incredibly hilarious she is. the bits about how beautiful she must be (and is ) and about getting a tip. i have to agree with ashley. i should get tips when i clear the table!

  5. That's great! So sweet. I love having "individual dates" with my kids, too. If I take just one of them with me shopping, I call it a "date" and get them a special treat. It's so fun!!